Jones Not Enough: Giants Tried to Trade for Jaguars’ Allen

Over the years, the Jacksonville Jaguars have often found a way to snag a quality player amid those who wouldn’t be amongst the top picks on draft day. The latest such player is the outside linebacker, Josh Allen. As one of the stars of the University of Kentucky team, most draft experts expected Allen to be a top-4 pick. But unfortunately for Allen, he was left unpicked until the Jags got their chance to draft.

Before Jaguars could make their pick, one of the teams that went ahead were the New York Giants, who decided to choose Daniel Jones, then-quarterback for the Duke Blue Devils. Jones was one pick ahead of Allen, and he was promoted ahead of Eli Manning to be the starting QB for Week 3.

Nonetheless, Ian Rapoport, an insider of the NFL, said that the Giants had a “really difficult time” picking Jones and passing on Allen. The Giants’ GM, David Gettleman, had to make a decision and decided to sign the man he regarded as a franchise QB. After the Giants, the Jaguars took center stage, and they chose Allen as the seventh pick. Rapoport claimed that the Giants attempted to trade with Jacksonville for Allen, as they thought the 22-year-old would be an ideal addition to their defense.

Although journalists can’t really validate the truth of the Rapoport’s report, the majority of them have concluded that it makes a lot of sense because the current Jaguars football exec., Tom Coughlin, and Gettleman worked together for the Giants. Back then, Gettleman was in the front office, whereas Coughlin was the head coach. Today, they are both front-office executives for their respective teams.

Which Team Fared Better?

It’s hard to doubt Gettleman’s decision to pick Jones over Allen, having in mind that the Giants’ starting QB, Eli Manning, is pushing 40, and is not on the top of his game. The next time the Giants were able to choose, it was the number 17 pick, and they thought Jones would have been picked a long time before it was their turn again. They didn’t want to risk it, particularly since they rate him highly enough to make him a franchise QB in the future.

Concerning Allen, the Jaguars couldn’t have hoped for a promising start to his first NFL season, with the pass rusher having a strong preseason and great stats at the start of the season. In this week’s match-up against the Tennessee Titans, Allen had four tackles and two sacks (first time he did it in the NFL), and the offensive line seemed incapable of stopping him, even when he had to go up against Jack Conklin, Titans’ star OT.

In the north, Jones had a great preseason as well. He had to wait until Week 3 (although many expected the wait to be longer) for his first regular-season start when the Giants went up against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The 22-year-old Jones led the team to a comeback victory in a thrilling game which ended up 32–31 for the on-the-road team.

If Allen and Jones manage to maintain the form they showed in the early games and preseason, both teams will come out victorious. However, Allen has obviously joined a team that’s better at the moment, as the Jaguars are able to surround him with elite football talent.

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