Tesla App Down for Hours as Car Owners Can’t Access Their Cars

Tesla Owners Can’t Unlock Car

On Monday evening, Tesla’s app had a malfunction that caused the app to be down for several hours. Tesla drivers who use the app as a key for their electric vehicle couldn’t access the car and drive. Many of them took it to social media to complain about the app’s breakdown, which left them stranded.

For instance, a woman from Pleasanton, California, told NBC reporters that she had to call an Uber to arrive home. She had no means of entering her own car that was in front of her due to the app being down. As a result, she had to leave it behind and grab an Uber only to later return to the same place to pick her car up.

When they buy a Tesla, car owners also receive a card which they can utilize as a key, but many of them choose the app as the only method of entrance. As they don’t expect the app not to be working, most of them leave the card at their homes. The app allows them to get into their car as well as start it up and operate.

Don’t Rely on the App

People found out that the app was down for around four hours, with the outage beginning at around 4:30 p.m. Tesla said they were aware of the app’s “brief unavailability,” but they worked hard to get to a quick solution. They also reminded the owners that they had several options for locking, unlocking, and starting their cars. Namely, alongside the app, they can use the aforementioned card as well as a physical key. The company’s efforts to educate people not to rely solely on the app (due to phone possibly dying, or as it happened, the app going down) have clearly failed. The company added that the owners of Model 3 would be able to use their phones as the key.

New Key Function

The Model 3 will have the so-called “phone-as-key” function, which uses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to establish a communication with the car. This signifies that the app won’t be fully necessary to start the car as well as lock it and unlock it.

This relatively new function will work independently of the app’s locking features, which require you to have a cell signal. The new function, according to the company, will be a primary means of entrance, something that the app isn’t. Consequently, phone-as-key functionality will suffer from no impact so long as owners stay logged in.

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