Children with ADHD Receive Worse Treatment in Florida than Other States

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General has released a report this Thursday which has shown worrisome stats for the people of Florida, especially parents of children diagnosed with ADHD. ADHD (short for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is a mental illness which manifests as a lack of attention, hyperactivity, and failure to acknowledge consequences.

Namely, according to the report, children with ADHD from Florida receive worse treatment than kids from other states. The report points out that 66% of children who doctors diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed medications have not received a follow-up visit in the following month.

On average, the percentage of such instances nationwide is 59.1%. Moreover, the report expressed concerns for Florida kids when it came to behavioral therapy as well. The number of children who have not gone through such therapy (when needed) is far above the national average. Precisely 45% of medicated children enrolled in Medicaid didn’t receive behavioral therapy on a national level. In Florida, that number is significantly higher — 64.1%!

Furthermore, the report strongly suggested that the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services develop a strategy which will help them improve these rates and lower the number of children who have not had follow-up care for ADHD. They also recommend that states need to work on providing better medical service to these children.

Lastly, the report also expressed the need for the federal agency to work on this issue and analyze states’ efforts in dealing with the problem. While working on the report, they were conducting interviews with professionals in the ADHD department, as well as using data from Medicaid. The data involved go back to 2014 and 2015, which is the most complete data available at the moment.

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