After First Tropical Wave Causes Rainfall, Another One Will Reach Florida

In recent days, Florida meteorologists have been following a tropical heatwave which was nearing the state’s south coast. Now, they have spotted yet another one.

The National Hurricane Center is presently following the developments of a disturbance which is on its way westwards at around 15 mph. Its current location is near Cape Verde Islands, west of Africa. Cape Verde’s latitude is similar to Puerto Rico’s. According to the NHC, there’s a 50% chance that the disturbance could take the form of a tropical depression. By the start of the next week, it would be just a few hundred miles away from the Lesser Antilles.

With this, Floridians will now face two different waves of tropical air heading over across the Atlantic Ocean. The first one will presumably hit the coast of Florida in the next few days, bringing heavy rain with it. The one farther away could easily form into a tropical depression.

Furthermore, forecasts are looking into a tropical wave that has been causing thunderstorms and showers in Puerto Rico, Hispaniola, and the Virgin Islands. Forecasters predict that the wave, traveling around ten mph, will reach the Bahamas, the Greater Antilles, and Florida soon, bringing heavy rainfall. The wave will also make the air damper and more humid. They expect the wave to reach Florida on Wednesday night into the weekend.

For the wave to develop into a significant system, forecasts say, there are little conducive conditions. The odds of it happening sit at ten percent. The trajectory of the wave expresses expectations for it to leave Florida’s east coast and move northeastward towards the western Atlantic Ocean.

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