Ariana Grande, Lana Del Ray, and Miley Cyrus in Charlie’s Angels

The upcoming reboot to the popular movie Charlie’s Angels will apparently feature Ariana Grande, Lana Del Ray, and Miley Cyrus. The movie is directed, produced, and co-written by Elizabeth Banks, known for her role in the Hunger Games franchise.

Sony Pictures Entertainment released a trailer for the upcoming movie on Thursday. Alongside this, Miley Cyrus tweeted from her official account: “WE ARE COMING!” and tagged both Grande and Del Ray. She also posted a 15-second clip teaser for the film.

The three singers will collaborate on creating the movie’s soundtrack and will evidently have roles in the movie proper. Their parts in the film are still a mystery, but they will not be assuming the roles of the titular Angels, whom Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore played in the acclaimed 2002 remake.

Rather, Ella Balinska, Naomi Scott, and Kristen Stewart will have that honor, as the Sony trailer revealed. The director, Banks, will also be playing Bosley, an associate of Charlie, the mysterious person who commands the Angels through his voice comm. This movie will actually feature more than one Bosley, played by Djimon Hounsou and Patrick Stewart.

The trailer also gave audiences a taste of a song by Grande, Del Ray, and Cyrus. The trio had the song “Independent Woman” by Destiny’s Child as an inspiration for the song. The name of the number remains unknown, but the final piece of the lyrics “Don’t Call Me Angel,” are a likely suspect.

We last got a taste of Angel action in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. The 2003 sequel didn’t do so well at the box office and thus the franchise went into a standstill. However, the plotline of this film will not be a proper reboot. Instead, it aims to continue the story where Full Throttle left off.

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