Scammers Abuse the Confusion Caused by Apple Canceling iTunes

iTunes users are confused, and the problem lies in the fact that a great number of them have hundreds, even thousands of dollars invested in songs and movies stored in the libraries.

Even though Apple has not officially announced what will eventually happen with users’ accounts, scammers are already abusing the situation.

Like many other baffled iTunes users, Jenna Webster is not aware of what will happen to her iTunes library with a few hundred songs. Just like others, she impatiently expects more information from Apple.

On one occasion, she got an email (allegedly) from Apple, although she would never do such a thing. The email began with “customer Apple” and delivered her the sad news. Namely, it informed her that her account was locked, and she could do nothing about that. Furthermore, it asked her to reset her password.

Upset, Jenna clicked on the given link which directed her to the page that resembled her iTunes page.

Shrewd Phishing Scam

The disputable page demanded that she re-enter her credentials so that she could bring back her account. However, before she inputted anything, it occurred to her to check some links.

It was a wise thing to do, as none of the links she clicked was functioning, only the request to enter her password. Jenna became skeptical only to realize she was exploring a fake Apple website.

Had she entered her password, all her information and credentials would have been stolen. What’s more, scammers would have gotten access to her credit card as it is linked with her Apple username.

At first, scammers attacked only Windows users, while those who use iOS and iPhone were safe. Unfortunately, that has recently changed. Since Apple is changing iTunes into Apple Movies and Apple Music, devoted users are exposed to scammers’ attacks.

As Jenna explained, some other members possess iTunes passwords, and they are constantly disturbed by scammers who want to steal their information.

What Clients Must Know

What Apple wants its clients to know is that the company will never send emails asking for their passwords. Also, the tech giant assures the users they will not be deprived of their songs once iTunes stops working. All music and videos will just be transferred to brand-new Apple Music and Apple Movies. Therefore, users need not worry, as all their content will be safe and preserved.

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