Notable Florida Newspaper Refuses to Support Donald Trump

Donald Trump is on his way to start his campaign for the 2020 elections in Florida. The outstanding Florida newspaper published a kind of support for his re-election in their own, quite a specific way.

Moments before Trump’s arrival in Florida, Namely, the local newspaper officially announced that they are not going to support Trump’s re-election. Orlando Sentinel newspaper published an article with the title “Our Orlando Sentinel endorsement for president in 2020: Not Donald Trump.”

The article wrote that some readers might find their decision strange, as it is way too early to eliminate or support a candidate, especially when the opponents are not known yet. However, the paper claims that two and a half years of Trump’s presidency was enough to see everything related to his administration.

No Point in Pretending

On the 2016 elections, Orlando Sentinel officially supported Hilary Clinton. But, the paper also endorsed not only Democrats but also Republicans in previous elections. But, on Tuesday morning, the paper decided that enough is enough and publicly expressed their discontent.

Orlando Sentinel is fed up with the chaos caused by Trump’s regime, as well as with insults in the U.S. schools, his self-exaltation, corruption, and above all, his lies. The paper further revealed the President’s most atrocious lies.

The article was published a few hours before Donald Trump was about to commence his campaign with a celebration in Orlando, Florida. Namely, the State of Florida helped Donald Trump win the 2016 elections. It was among those few states where he barely won. Since then, Democrats have designed Florida as the battleground that has to be won on the following 2020 elections.

Enough With Trump’s Regime

It will take a year and a half before Trump’s presidency is officially over. However, if he wins again, he will be the U.S. President for an additional four years. Orlando Sentinel deems that Florida, along with the entire U.S. could, and must, do better than that.

The polls, both official and the President’s internal, indicated that Donal Trump is at an advantage compared to his Democratic opponents. But, head-to-head polls indicate that Joe Biden, the former U.S. vice president is likely to beat Trump in a number of major states.

Donald Trump, however, doesn’t agree with the poll results, claiming that they are non-existent. What’s more, he believes he could win the elections in states such as Texas or Florida. Reportedly, Trump regards Florida as a key state for re-election. This is why he decided to start his campaign in the city of Orlando.

As he wrote on his Twitter account, the campaign was going to be quite exciting and wild. Both he and Republicans, in general, were quite enthusiastic about it and the fact it should begin in Orlando, Florida.

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