The Ghastly Vacation Saga

The dreadful vacation started on June  7; however, the first two days were stormy. As the family could swim in the sea, they went to the beach. They simply hoped they could enjoy the warm sun and the sand at the beach.

Three days passed, but they were still not allowed to swim. Even though the storm had passed, there were enormous waves, so the lifeguards did not let people go into the water. They could only go ankle-deep in the sea due to strong waves and currents. The Browns respected the advice and did not leave the shore. Everything seemed fine so far.

The next day, however, Kylei woke up to the pain in her right calf. Initially, the family presumed it was a charley horse caused by the waves from the day before. They did not pay much attention to it, as it alleviated during the day. Although, the next morning, the girl woke up to ever greater pain. Her leg hurt so much that she could only walk on her toes. The family started to worry about the girl.

The following day was a red alert. The girl’s leg was in such a bad condition that she could not walk. The family returned home to Indiana, and the girl’s mother immediately scheduled an appointment with their family doctor. He suspected a blood clot and recommended them to head to Riley for further examination. Meanwhile, the pain got even worse, and Kylei developed high fever and a rash.

The Diagnosis

When they arrived in Riley, the doctors discovered a severe infection spreading through her leg all the way up to her thigh. As the infection progressed rapidly, they put her on strong antibiotics and performed several surgeries until they were certain the infection was gone.

The final diagnosis was Necrotizing Fasciitis, a flesh-eating bacteria she contracted in the water through a scratch on her toe. Necrotizing Fasciitis is extremely hazardous, as 1 out of 3 people eventually die from it.

Luckily, Kylei was fortunate enough to have been treated promptly against the bacteria. Even though it will take months and loads of antibiotics and check-ups until she fully recovers, what matters most is that she is alive.

Kylei’s mother Michelle shared the whole story on her Facebook profile as a warning for people who are planning their vacations. She also set a fund-raising profile to gather $3,000 to cover the treatment costs. The money was raised within a few days.

What Is Necrotizing Fasciitis?

Necrotizing Fasciitis, or flesh-eating bacteria, is usually contracted by consuming infected raw fish or by bathing with open wounds in waters that have a high level of contamination from sewage.

There aren’t any official reports that Destin waters are polluted. However, some media claim that high levels of bacteria originating from human waste have been discovered in the Panhandle area in the period from April to June.

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