Disney Provides Limited – Time Summer Ticket Offer for Florida Citizens

Orlando, Florida — You will probably regret missing out on the opportunity to benefit from the fantastic limited-time summer ticket offer Disney has in store for the Florida residents.

The price of the Get Your Ears On tickets is $67 a piece for the four-day offer and $55 each for the three-day offer. Those who are interested ought to purchase their tickets until August 25 and have to use them until August 28.

The cost of the four-day offer is $219 in addition to tax, whereas the price of the three-day offer is $199 in addition to tax. These tickets provide you access to one theme park daily, and you can use them on any three or four days without any block-outs.

This offer grants you access to the following theme parks: Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Magic Kingdom theme park. You are only allowed to visit one of them on each day.

If you want to obtain the tickets, you must provide the proof of Florida residency. In case the offer expires and you do not get to use your ticket, you can exchange the unused ticket for the one of equal price, or pay the difference for a ticket that costs more.

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