According to Jennifer Aniston, ‘Friends’ Reunion May Happen

“Friends” came to an end 15 years ago, and fans are eager to see the group gather again. The cast has been asked about the reunion countless times. However, the stars have not yet confirmed the speculations regarding the revival of the popular series.

All jokes aside, Ellen DeGeneres does not seem willing to give up on the idea. The famous talk-show host asked Jennifer Aniston whether a “Friends” revival was something the audience could hope for on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this Wednesday.

The actress famous for her portrayal of Rachel Green answered that she and the girls were up for the idea. She even added she was convinced that the guys would be willing to do it as well.

Aniston, who is known for making such statements before, went on to joke about being prepared to do a revival on her own. DeGeneres then volunteered to help and assume the role of a next-door neighbor.

She made a remark about the hypothetical show being named “Friend.”

Friends set all together

The whole cast did not always seem keen on the idea of a reunion. But when she made a guest appearance on “The Late Late Show” last year in December, Aniston seemed to imply that the ones responsible for the absence of reunions were Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, and David Schwimmer.

According to the statement she made back then, the female part of the cast was always eager to gather again, while the male part was somewhat less enthusiastic about the idea. She claimed that she was unaware of the reason. She continued to say that they would wait for another forty years and then do a remake of “The Golden Girls” instead.

Nevertheless, even the female co-stars seemed to be doubtful about the chances of a reunion.

In her interview with “Today” in 2017, Lisa Kudrow stated that she could not imagine it happening. She admitted that it would have been fun, but inconsistent. She explained that the most exciting thing about the series had been the bond between the six friends in their 20s. According to her answer back then, now that almost all of them are parents, the show might turn out to be pointless.

Aniston had previously stated that the series would not be a success in this day in age.

She said, in an interview with Lorraine Kelly in 2016, that she had no idea what she and her co-stars would have possibly done. Aniston then explained her opinion by saying that the period of time in question had a nostalgic tone. According to her statement at the time, people love the show so much thanks to the fact that their lives did not revolve around technology back then, although the show ended only a decade or so ago. People were not addicted to social networks. Instead, they spent time together at a coffee shop or home. They used to talk to each other, which is a trait many people have lost along the way.

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