Opalized Fossils Found; New Dinosaur Species Discovered in Australia

Paleontology researchers have recently discovered fossilized remains of a new dinosaur. Namely, in an opal mine in the Australian outback, they came across fossils of a dinosaur herd. The opal mine is located in Lightning Ridge, New South Wales. Thanks to this, the new species’ remains contain the world’s most complete opalized dinosaur.

Australian University of New England’s lead researcher, Dr. Phil Bell, stated that the research team thought they had a single skeleton in the beginning. However, as they worked on, individual bones became more divided and identifiable. At some point, Bell added, they managed to single out four shoulder blade bones which clearly belonged to animals of different sizes.

This project has been a lasting one — an opal miner, Robert Foster, found the fossils for the first time in the 1980s. When the paleontologists arrived, they figured out they were working on parts of four different skeletons. Some belonged to large creatures reaching over 16 feet in length, while others were juvenile dinosaurs of diminutive shape.

Analysis carried out recently show that these bones are, in fact, new discoveries. The research team published the entire study on this project in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Bell said that the set of bones contained around 60 bones in opal from an adult dinosaur, and other bones that come from three different animals, at least. Moreover, Foster, the miner who found the bones, has received the honor of having a prehistoric beast named after him, with the new dino’s official name being Fostoria dhimbangunmal.

New Discoveries

Dinosaurs Smilosuchus Fostoria dhimbangunmal joins the list of recent discoveries of the Triassic reptiles. Namely, on an archeological site nearby, also in Lightning Ridge, Dr. Bell and his team of researchers found and named a new miniature herbivorous dinosaur. In the United States, scientists have found a 3-foot-tall dinosaur that they believe is a Tyrannosaurus rex relative.

Additionally, there were two more additions to the dinosaur world in North America. In Texas, they discovered a dinosaur with a spike-armored skin, while Canadian paleontologists came across a skeleton of the world’s largest Tyrannosaurus rex.

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