Pre-Installation of Facebook Apps Is No Longer an Option for New Huawei Phones

Since the U.S. banned Huawei on purchasing of American software and parts, this Chinese company has been facing many challenges. The latest one is Facebook’s suspension on pre-installing of its apps on Huawei phones.

As Facebook informed Reuters, owners of the earlier editions of Huawei phones will still have the ability to receive updates and use its apps, but Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will not be possible to pre-install on the new Huawei phones.

In the majority of markets,, Twitter, as well as Facebook will be pre-installed as a part of a business deal the smartphone sellers have entered.

The move Facebook made reduces the sales prospect for the Chinese tech giant whose smartphone business was the leading gain producer last year. This was confirmed by the strong growth shown in Asia and Europe.

All Huawei’s Existing Models Will Be Able to Get Google Apps but Not Facebook

Huawei LogoAlphabet Inc’s Google announced earlier that after a 90-day period before Huawei phones would no longer be able to support Android software. This reprieve will expire in August. Google’s Play Store and Google apps will remain available for Huawei’s current models, and this includes apps that haven’t been shipped yet or even built.

By oppose, the Facebook ban considers any Huawei model that is still in the factory.

Nevertheless, buyers of the already existing Huawei phones will still have the option to download it from the Google Play Store. Though, unless the U.S. administration revokes the ban, new models of Huawei phones will no longer be able to access Google Play Store.

Some Buyers Are Unenthusiastic About Buying Huawei Phones

To be reminded, Washington prohibited companies in America from supplying Huawei with any kind of technology, disclaiming that this company was too close to the Chinese administration. According to them, Huawei’s products and telecom network gear could be used for espionage, but Huawei harshly denies this.

Huawei promised that they would do their best to work around any disturbances and said that they were ready for any action the U.S. might undertake.

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