Donald Trump: the United States Is Among the Countries with the Cleanest Climate

The official meeting of Prince Charles and Donald Trump took longer than planned because of Prince’s concerns about climate changes.

For an hour and a half, instead of the scheduled 15 minutes, Prince of Wales was trying to convince the US leader of dangers caused by global warming, but Trump insisted that now the US has one of the world’s cleanest climates.

During his appearance on Good Morning Britain, Trump said his interlocutor was quite talkative. He stated that the Prince feels hopeful about the future and that he wants a good climate for future generations.

President stressed that his goal is to have the cleanest water. Furthermore, Donald Trump put the blame on other nations for the crisis. He pointed a finger at China, Russia, and India, among others. He mentioned the level of pollution, noting that these countries don’t have clean water and the air is barely breathable.

Prince of Wales and Donald TrumpResponding to the question of the interviewer Piers Morgan whether there is a climate change happening, Trump stated that he thinks there is definitely a change in weather and that it also changes both ways. He mentioned various names that were given to these changes through the years and that the term used nowadays — extreme weather — best describes our current situation.

In his interview, the third after the inauguration, Trump mentioned that he did not call Duchess of Sussex “nasty” in an interview with the Sun, but he further noted that what she said was nasty, based on what he heard.

Considering the issue with the NHS, the president said that he didn’t see it being a subject for trade and that he wouldn’t consider it as part of the arrangement. On Tuesday, however, at a press conference next to Theresa May, the US president stated that the NHS must be negotiated for US-UK post-Brexit trading.

This statement awakened disapproval and conviction from several Conservatives and senior Labour politicians. In the UK, concerns are spreading about promises of US companies of providing lower costs of health services and selling food produced to lower animal well-being and environment standards.

Though Trump refused to meet Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, in this interview, he said that meeting is “always possible” and that it was very “tough and probably inappropriate to meet.” He also appraised that Corbyn winning the next election is a “long shot.”

President went on about Conservative candidates, claiming once again that he did not know Michael gove until the dinner they had the night before. To be reminded, Gove interviewed Trump for the Times in 2017.

At the end of the interview, Trump praised Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt, British Foreign Secretary, and referred to them as good people.

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