Comedian Made His Audience Feel Very Uncomfortable During His Performance

An Egyptian-born comedian Ahmed Ahmed performed in Naples, Florida last weekend. After his string of jokes about the negative Middle Eastern people stereotypes, his audience had him arrested for doing so.

Most of the out-of-the-place jokes revolved around Ahmed’s insinuations that every Middle Eastern man had terrorist intentions.

As it turns out, there was one unhappy member of the audience who took the jokes way too personally, so he decided to call the local sheriff’s department the very next day. He stated that the local comedian seemed to support terrorism.

After the deputies arrived at the club where Ahmed performed, they realized these accusations were unfounded. An Egyptian-American, Mr. Ahmed, stated that he is judgmental about the call which was overwhelmingly racist, but still, he forgives the man and is happy with this episode which shed light on the issue of Islamophobia in the world.

Even though this issue is bizarre and no one could have seen it coming, Ahmed stated that he wanted to thank the man from the audience for the press he would never have been able to get on his own.

Free Tickets and a Jolly American Hug

Ahmed Ahmed offered the concerned caller a jolly American hug and even free tickets to his next performance in Naples on Wednesday.

Comedian Ahmed Ahmed doing performance He added that the same joke had been involved in his performance for years, and all of his audience saw them as sarcastic and silly.

According to his website, Ahmed was born in Helwan, Egypt, but his family moved to the States when he was just a month old. Even though he had some roles in a couple of movies and TV shows, he is best known for his role in Sullivan & Son series.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office received the disputed call on Sunday, a day after the performance. The concerned caller was worried about the jokes of taking the Middle Eastern men from the audience by Ahmed and making a terrorist cell out of them. He was also concerned that Ahmed would repeat this scenario in his next performance, so he made the call to prevent it from happening.

The additional explanation the concerned caller provided was the fact he didn’t think it was right to make such racist jokes and scare people in such a manner. This is the thing that really got in his head and made him feel uncomfortable and scared.

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