Livestream of a Crime in Florida

In Pinellas County, Florida, a man has been placed in custody after he livestreamed the crimes he committed in Walgreens, with the addition of hitting a baby in the head.

His name is Ryan Greenlee, and Largo police took him down on Wednesday evening, charging him on six different accounts, which included child abuse, resisting arrest with violence, battery on a law enforcement officer, and child abuse.

Greenlee livestreamed a Facebook public video, where he entered Walgreens on Ulmerton Road. He then started to wave his money to the camera and proceeded to buy two packs of beef jerky.

Facebook criminal Streamer Ryan GreenleeSince it turned out that Greenlee didn’t have enough money, the store employees asked him to leave the store. According to the arrest report, this was the melting point, which made him violent.

While he was leaving, Greenlee started to get extremely angry and aggressive and began to throw items from the counter. This is where one of the items, a box, hit a few-months-old baby in the head.

In the livestream video, you can only listen to the argument and the items falling, but you cannot see the newborn getting hit. Seconds later, you can hear the baby crying, though.

The unfortunate child’s mother stated that she felt so much anger she couldn’t even cry, focusing on remaining as calm as she could be in the given situation. After the newborn was injured, an eye-witness claimed Greenlee hit an administrative worker who tried to intervene.

The Perpetrator Laughed and Said That He Didn’t Do Anything Wrong

Afterward, the livestream video records that Greenlee ran to the parking lot, but wasn’t as easy to make sense of what was actually happening. However, it appears the camera was tossed around.

The Perpetrator than returned to his vehicle and started laughing after his friend who sat there accused him of taking things too far.

Greenlee replied that he didn’t do anything wrong and that he only wanted to go to the store.

Largo Police Department spokesperson, Sgt. Scott Gore, said that if any citizen was in a situation to be a victim or a witness to such actions where people act aggressively, it’s best to remove yourself, if possible, and immediately call the authorities.

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