One Step Forward for the Bill to Become a Law

The initial reading in the Texas House of Representatives of the masturbation bill is made it one step closer to turning it into law. The punishment lawmakers suggest for violating this bill is $100. Men would only be allowed to perform masturbation under supervision of medical facilities or health care employees. This is how section 173.010 of the House Bill 4260, Man’s Right to Know Act defined the only manner Texas is going to allow the act of masturbation for men.

The bill states that all ‘unregulated masturbatory emissions’ performed anywhere other than inside of a woman’s vagina or outside of a medical facility or health center will be punished. The men who break the law will be forced to pay a $100 penalty for each time they’ve performed such an act. They will also be charged for failing to preserve the sanctity of new life as well as the aggressive act of directly influencing an unborn child.

The creator of the disputable bill is Jessica Farrar, a state representative, who was the one to have spoken up for ‘fully abstinent sexual relations.’ Furthermore, she was the individual that started the Hospital Masturbatory Assistance Registry. The primary purpose of this facility was to encourage the abstinent life of men. The hospital was to provide counseling and supervision for masturbatory emissions, as well as storage for the sperm.

By allowing men to masturbate exclusively with the purpose of creating new life, the state of Texas will insist for the semen to be preserved for their future or current wife, or as an anonymous donation for couples in need.

Many think such an absurd bill will never be elected. However, after the initial reading, the bill was sent to the Texas House State Affairs Committee. The bill’s creator, Farrar, made the suggestion that this bill becomes a law on September 1.

Is This Bill a Real Deal or a Sarcastic Way to Rebel Against Anti-Abortion Laws?

If you are reading this article and are a Texan man, don’t panic and run to the nearest hospital. You should know that Ms. Farrar is not completely serious about this law.

This Texas Democrat is well-aware that her bill has little to no chances at all of ever becoming law. That is her way of making a mockery of the new healthcare legislation in this state — the anti-abortion law, to be precise.

This is the reason why the ‘sanctity of life’ clause appears. ‘Every sperm is sacred’ statement is included into the bill to show all men how women have the right to be free and make choices regarding what happens in their lives from the moment of conception to the moment of parturition.

Equality for Both Sexes

As Ms. Farrar stated, her bill is here to reflect Texas’ health care restrictions and real laws every woman in the state faces on a daily basis.

Just three months after Tony Tinderholt, a Republican, proposed the scandalous criminalization of abortions in Texas, Farrar requested complete abstinence of men. He argued that all women should be ‘more personally responsible’ for their sexual behavior.

Flammable statements like the ones Tinderholt made are the reason Ms. Farrar made the clauses in the bill which make any doctor who performs a vasectomy or prescribes Viagra obliged to read ‘Man’s Right to Know’ booklet in front of their patient.

As Ms. Farrar stated, this is the only logical response to the Texas law, which makes doctors provide women who think about abortion with the ‘Women’s Right to Know’ booklet. She accused the state of creating a mechanism of guilt to pressure a change of heart in women.

She criticized this Texas law on the grounds of it requiring women to have a transvaginal ultrasound before a doctor could perform the abortion as well. Moreover, the law defined the act of abortion as a medically unnecessary procedure.

That is why she wrote the bill in which she insisted that the physician had to perform an unnecessary magnetic resonance of the rectum and a digital rectal exam before any colonoscopy or a vasectomy procedure or a Viagra prescription could be provided to a patient.

When she isn’t working on a satirical bill, Ms. Farrar is helping medical facilities provide information about contraception emergencies to victims of sexual assaults.

Will the Bill Ever Become a Law?

The chances of the ironical ‘Man’s Right to Know’ bill of ever becoming a law depend on the Texas House State Affairs Committee chairman Byron Cook, who just happens to be a Republican. He has to hold a public hearing for this matter, but it’s not likely that this bill will ever pass.

If anything, this bill has most certainly shaken the public and made the citizens think about abortion laws and gender equality more.

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