Blues Bettors Will Receive Refunds After the Latest Game

Many fans were left heartbroken after the latest face-off in the Western Conference finals. Namely, during game 3, the Blues sustained a great loss. The Sharks defeated them 5-4 in overtime. Additionally, this was after a controversial non-call on Shark’s hand pass.

Hockey Team Blues BettorsIt goes without saying that there was a lot of sadness in St. Louis’ locker room this past Wednesday. Nevertheless, this oversight did not affect only them. Those who placed wagers on the Blues experienced what was probably the worst bad beat this season.

What’s more, some experts said that these bettors lost because of a blown call. And it seems that the online sportsbook FanDuel agrees with them. To be specific, the online site provided “bad beat relief” to those who wagered on the Blues. In other words, they issued a refund to anyone who made a moneyline bet on this team. In their statement, the company announced that the latest game, which was determined in overtime, was not without its controversies.

Furthermore, they went on to say that they would offer “bad beat relief” because of the missed hand pass. It was this mistake that brought the victory to the San Jose Sharks. And they concluded that the customers who made a moneyline wager on the losing team would get a refund in site credit.

Also, hockey fans and gambling enthusiasts will have another chance to bet this Friday. Namely, the Blues will face the Sharks in game 4. The match will begin at 8 p.m. ET.

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