The Most Appealing Destinations for Those Who Travel Alone

New Zealand

Travel New Zealand

Solo tourists who are keen on mountain biking, hiking, and similar outdoor activities ought to add New Zealand to their list. It is among the most relaxing destinations of the world: crime rate is low, and there is a visitor info center in almost every town so you can rely on the friendly staff to help you find accommodation and book activities. Thanks to them, there is no chance you can ever feel lost. The best thing about New Zealand is its sights so you can enjoy the popular Great Walks and “Lord of the Rings” tour as well as many others.


Travel to Japan

Thanks to low crime rates and polite, respectful residents, Japan is the perfect place for a person traveling alone, including female solo tourists. Get a rail pass and travel through the country in clean and fast trains to visit teahouses and temples in Kyoto, hot springs and walking trails in Hakone, and the crowded streets of Tokyo full of neon signs. If you choose to explore Japan, make sure to visit a traditional ryokan and spend at least a night there, where you will get to sleep on a tatami mat and have a classic Japanese breakfast.


If you wish to go on an African safari, travel to Tanzania alone and get a chance to see the Big Five, among many other sights. In case you wish to meet other travelers, search for a lodge or a camp, enjoy shared drives and communal meals, or simply go on a group trip. Look for tours with a discounted single supplement, which can easily be found out of season, or make a reservation with a company such as G Travel or Intrepid Travel, which will find you a same-sex roommate, so that you can avoid the supplement.

Hong Kong

Travel to Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the perfect destination for those who travel alone, thanks to the low crime rates, well-developed public transportation system, and a specific mix of Western and Eastern culture. Since English is among the official languages of the city, you cannot feel misunderstood; you are also not likely to get bored as there are numerous things you can do, such as a visit to harborfront museums and eating at busy restaurants located in Nathan Road.


Travel to Iceland

Due to the lack of violence in Iceland, the country has popularized crime novels (it has been number one in the Global Peace Index since 2008). This secluded island is famous for rocky volcanic landscapes, massive waterfalls, and steaming geysers. Many locals speak English at least a little, so you will not have difficulties talking to them and managing to find places you need. The largest city in Iceland, Reykjavik, gives out the impression of a big town that is easy to navigate through instead of a metropolis that it is.


Travel to Denmark

Spending a vacation in Denmark is a piece of cake for solo tourists as it often appears on lists of safest and happiest countries in the world. Danish people usually speak English and have proved to be rather helpful when it comes to tourists, so much so that some of them may invite travelers to dinner at their homes. Castles dating back to Middle Ages and Viking ruins are quite a sight for history aficionados. If you, however, enjoy outdoor activities, you can engage in bike rides along with local people and travel across the country that way.


Travel to Canada

Canada has become even safer than it originally was in the last several decades, so it is an ideal destination for solo travelers. You can reside in a large city, such as Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, and explore both their cultural side by visiting museums and their fun side by going out on the town. There is also a possibility of going on a road trip and exploring national parks such as Jasper and Banff. Whichever way you go, kind and friendly Canadian people will help you get around in fluent English.


Travel to Australia

If you are female and find the idea of solo traveling appealing, Australia might be the right place for you, as it has been reported to be the safest country in the world for women. Both women and men will enjoy the diversity of Australia’s landscapes, that range from Sydney’s famous skyline to the Great Barrier Reef and its many colors to the wide Outback, covered in red dirt. There is a trail of hotels that have been established precisely with backpackers in mind and are great for meeting other people who travel alone. English is the local people’s native language, in spite of their peculiar vocabulary, so you will have no difficulties getting around.


This South America’s country is famous for low crime rates, wonderful landscapes that include glaciers, beaches, and mountains, and tasty wines. In spite of being welcoming and friendly, not all local people speak English so you may want to familiarize with Spanish a little before going there. The distant Atacama Desert, located in the north, and the mountains of Patagonia in the south are sights you have to see.


Travel to Thailand

Thailand is a beloved destination among solo travelers due to its friendly people, memorable sights, and a trail for backpackers. Your trip to Thailand can have a form you want it to have: a modern adventure in Bangkok, a trip to the Koh Samui beaches, quiet vacation in a hill town in the north, a yoga retreat on a secluded island, or a combination of everything described.


Although terrorism is a constant issue, the level of security is high and many people, including those who travel on their own, safely visit the country each year. The holy places and colorful markets of Jerusalem is something all of them explore before setting off to urban Tel Aviv, the beach town Eilat, or Masada, to enjoy the mountain fortress. You are destined to meet others who travel alone, whether you stay in hostels or farms.


Ireland appeals to people traveling by themselves for a variety of reasons: it is both beautiful and safe as well as easy to navigate for English-speaking tourists. However, the best thing about this country is its friendly people. They are likely to greet you on the street or engage in a conversation with you at the pub, so you will never be truly alone, even if that is the way you travel. Moreover, you are likely to meet other tourists on trains, at hostels, or during breakfast at a B&B.

Costa Rica

Travel to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the safest countries in Central America. It is perfect for solo tourists seeking outdoor activities. You can make a reservation and reside at a jungle lodge, where you may meet other travelers and go on guided tours to rainforests to watch wildlife such as sloths, monkeys, toucans, and macaws. If not, there is always an option of going to the beach to surf or simply relax in the Sun, enjoying hot springs, or visiting local farms.

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