Bill Nye Highlights the Immensity of Global Warming with Curses and Fire

Bill Nye dropping numerous F-bombs in regards to global warming turns out to be an effective way of addressing the matter.

Bill Nye was a guest on “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” on May 12, and on that occasion, the famous science guy used profanity and witty remarks to point out the rising level of carbon dioxide emissions in Earth’s atmosphere, which is now higher than it has been in millions of years. A powerful greenhouse gas CO2 will proceed to withhold heat on the planet in case the USA and the rest of the world continue to relentlessly emit carbon.

At the moment, there is almost no hope that global nations will manage to keep the warming of the planet at levels that would restrict the most dangerous consequences of climate change.

According to Bill Nye, the temperature on Earth is likely to increase by four to eight degrees unless the emissions stop rising.

He added that the planet was on fire, and that is where he dropped the F-bomb.

The 37 seconds long tirade of Nye’s happened near the episode’s end, in which John Oliver methodically presented the concept of a Green New Deal. This kind of plan, which at the moment exists only as a vision in US Congress, is a plan driven by the government. The idea is to drastically modify the energy system of the nation by limiting emissions of carbon.

Emissions of carbon increased during 2018.

Science man Bill Nye

Nye apparently chose the appropriate moment for his performance. The show aired on the exact same day the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which has been keeping track of rising levels of CO2 for decades, made the announcement that levels of carbon surpassed 400 and are now at 415 parts per million.

Not only is the number growing, but it is doing so at an increased speed. Since the first Earth Day, the level of CO2 increase has never been so sharp in the geologic record, according to the statement of Dan Breecker, a paleoclimatologist at the University of Texas at Austin.

Along with the rise of emissions, the temperature of Earth will also rise, judging by the scientists’ expectations. It has already gone up by 1 Celsius (1.8 Fahrenheit) since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. In case the emissions of carbon rise from the level of 280 ppm before the Revolution to the level of 560 ppm, Earth will warm astronomically, and its temperature will rise to between 5 and 6 degrees Celsius (9 and 11 Fahrenheit), according to the scientists.

Matthew Lachniet, a paleoclimatologist, claims that we will surpass 550 ppm in case the emissions of carbon continue at the current pace.

The transition of our economy based on fossil-fuel to carbon-neutral energy production will definitely not be cheap. Beto O-Rourke, the Democratic candidate for the president has recently revealed a $5 trillion plan that would lead to “net-zero” emissions by the year 2050.

Such a grand climate change in regards to the planet that has been consumed by droughts and storms will not just destroy lives, but will also cost trillions, according to the expectations.

Nye lit a globe in flames in order to demonstrate the increasing level of Earth’s temperature. Afterward, he stated that there were many ways in which we could put it out. However, he proceeded to ask whether any of them were free.

Then, he cursed while answering his own questions and said that nothing was free. He also called the audience idiots, told them that they were not children anymore and thus should grow up. Then, he added that he had not minded explaining photosynthesis to 12-year-old children, but that adults needed to realize the gravity of the current situation.

He ended his tirade by cursing once again and ordered everyone to take off their safety glasses before taking off his own.

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