Famous Game of Thrones’ Starbucks Cup Brought Considerable Profit

What seemed like an innocent mistake on the set soon went viral and flooded the Internet. This is a story on how the modern coffee cup appearing on the Game of Thrones show brought $2.3 billion profit to Starbucks.

A Scoop for All Game of Thrones Lovers

Whether you are a religious follower of this epic HBO produced drama, or you watch the show occasionally, you must have heard about the Starbucks cup incident. According to the people who spread this video clip all over the Web like a forest fire, someone forgot to put away the Starbucks cup, and it remained on the table throughout the entire feast scene.

Now marketing and PR experts estimate that this accidental mistake will bring Starbucks the $2.3 billion in unpaid marketing.

If you want to conduct a thorough investigation of the event, you’ll soon realize that the famous cup isn’t in the camera’s focus, and also the name of the brand is blurred. This didn’t prevent numerous wiseguys who watched the episode from jumping to the conclusion that there was the green mermaid image on the cup.

However, the ball was already rolling, and no one could stop the snowball effect that followed. This “Starbucks-Game of Thrones” story was mentioned an amazing 10621 times online as well as in traditional media, i.e. radio and television.

This data, however, didn’t include social networks that marked an incredible 193000 mentions of this particular situation within the 48 hours from the broadcast. Twitter and Reddit were leaders in spreading the news.

Even though the questionable frame was edited only a couple days after, the clamor about the cup didn’t quiet down, which only proves how powerful social media is.

As the CEO of highly respected PR agency Hill Impact states, this source of free marketing will last for a long time because of a vast number of memes made on the topic. He also claims that this kind of marketing that came by chance is not a case of regular, paid product placement, which adds the value to the entire incident. He believes that Starbucks should be euphoric not only because of the huge profit they gained, but also because the very assumption that this was a Starbucks cup proves how strong this brand is.

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