Controversial Space X CEO Elon Musk Shows Off the Starlink Internet Satellites

Space X is finally ready for some real action after sending a sports car and a rocket into space. The Starlink Internet satellites are packed and ready to be launched into space.

Starlink Internet Satellites Are About to Take Off

As Elon Musk proudly announced in a number of tweets, his company’s Internet satellites, called appropriately Starlink, are ready to take off and be placed in low Earth orbit.

The idea of providing the Internet connection from outer space isn’t new, and around a dozen companies including Amazon have started developing their projects that will provide this service. Thus Elon Musk tends to keep his plans and details about Starlink under the veil of mystery as long as he can. However, some of the info has already leaked, giving us the glimpse of the undertaking that should be a major breakthrough in the hi-tech field.

However, the public obtained certain info about the project when Musk submitted his report to the Federal Communication Commission where he revealed some details about this groundbreaking project. The initial part of this interlinked satellite network will be settled in the lower orbit. Musk also claims that these are real prototypes designed according to the project and that differs them significantly from the previously launched “Tintin demos” as he called them.

He stated in one of his tweets on the topic that placing all of 60 sats planned for this launching was a tight fit.

There is an ambitious plan to launch 11943 Starlink satellites to form the entire network which will provide a superfast Internet connection.

So far there is an estimated number of six launches containing 60 Starlink satellites to achieve the minor coverage. This number will increase in time to twelve launches with 720 satellites to get moderate Internet coverage.

This plan may seem overambitious to many, but when we know it is Elon Musk’s project we are talking about, there is nothing unusual about it.

Even though we are used to Musk bursting with self-confidence when promoting his projects, he seems to tone it down in respect to the Starlink satellites stating that the first launch will be tricky. As for their landing, he says in his report to the FCC that these devices will be completely “demisable” meaning that they would cause no harm as they would burn down in the atmosphere after they end their “mission” in space.

Musk is already known for his short temper and impulsive reactions so it wasn’t surprising that he fired the main man of the Starlink project after two test launches took place. He also made a number of layoffs justifying it by the fact that costs should be kept to a minimum until the entire program starts bringing money. The true story was, however, that some people working on Starlink satellite project described it as one of the “absolutely insane projects.”

Only time will tell whether Elon Musk will succeed in completing another “mission impossible.”

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