Chelsea Manning Refuses to Take a Stand Once Again

Chelsea Manning’s name rang out all over the world after it was revealed she was Julian Assange’s source for obtaining classified information about American operations in Iraq and Afganistan. She was the insider that provided Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, with hundreds of thousands of highly confidential pieces of data about the US government’s actions during the war in Iraque and Afganistan.

She was sentenced to 35 years in prison as Assange’s accomplice in hacking the Pentagon’s system and revealing state’s top secrets. President Obama commuted her sentence during his last days in office, and she was released in 2017 after spending seven years in prison.

Nowadays, Chelsea faces new challenges because the US government seems to be in a hurry to expand the inditement against Assange. For this reason, the grand jury repeatedly sends subpoenas to Manning, while she repeatedly refuses to comply with them.

This has already caused her many troubles, and she has already spent 62 days in Alexandria, Virginia for refusing to appear before the grand jury and testify against Assange.

She was released from jail earlier this week after the grand jury had ended its session, only to be handed a fresh subpoena from the grand jury scheduled for 16th of May.

It seems that her time out of prison will be shortlived though because she has no intention of appearing before the court and providing additional testimony. She says she doesn’t believe in propriety and justice US courts deliver and that she will use all the legal means available to avoid appearing before them. Chelsea also finds these demands for her additional testimony completely redundant since she stands by her testimony from 2013.

And while Assange is fighting his battle to prevent London from extraditing him to the US — which seems like a futile undertaking at the moment, Chelsea Manning has her own battle of principles to fight against the US legislation.

However grim the prospects may seem at the moment, let’s hope that justice will prevail.

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