The Best Advice to Help You Survive the Busy Travel Season

Summer is literally around the corner, so it is high time to read some pieces of advice from the ultimate business travelers. At times, it is not difficult to miss them. But for those of you who do, they are those people who are always finishing some spreadsheet on their laptops. And they have a tendency to check in late and leave the hotel early in the morning. According to recent research, around 1 in 10 people go on a trip for business reasons.

These road warriors can be a good source of advice and can assist you in enhancing your experience. Some of these tips will help you know when and where to book your room, how to be as comfortable as possible, and how to get through a crowded flight. So, let’s go on with them now!

Book a Flight with the Airline

The first useful tip comes from Michael Stanat. Based on his experience, he believes that everyone should book their tickets directly with the airline. Also, you should strive to avoid connections. This might come in handy if your flight gets delayed. Namely, the airline will help you rebook, or they will reroute you. This, in and of itself, is much easier and an online agency would not have these options.

Cheaper Doesn’t Equal Better

Sherrie Wilkolaski, a publisher for the magazine Luxe Bear, states that cheaper ticket prices are not always the wisest choice. Namely, your plans might change on the spur of the moment. In this case, you might need to pay more in surcharges and fees. Therefore, it would be best to opt for a more expensive ticket that does not have as many restrictions.

It’s Vital to Be Patient

Some people like to avoid early flights. They do so because they are more expensive and crowded. One of them is Rebecca Washuta who is a nutrition and wellness consultant. She says that it is much better to book a mid-morning flight if your schedule allows it of course. If it does, then you will have a row to yourself. At times, you can even get upgraded to first class.

Arrive Early at the Airport

Some travelers tend to wait until the very last minute to go to the airport. Tommy Goodwin advises strongly against doing this. Goodwin’s years on the road have taught him to head early if he does not want to be stressed out. And airports nowadays offer Wi-Fi so you will always have something to do. Apart from this, you can haunt their bars, restaurants, and retail shops.

Apply for a Membership

Those who are constantly on the road like to invest in premium security access programs. Some of these programs are Global Entry and Clear. When it comes to them, Sheree Sekou says that they are convenient as you can avoid unnecessary delays. From her own experience, she would have missed a number of flights had she not applied for them.

Be Pleasant to the Crew

This advice comes from David Decker who thinks that an occasional “thank you” will get you far with the crew. In fact, you would not believe how many people forget to do this. And if you get on their good side, you might even get some amenities. For instance, they can get you better seats during the flight. Don’t forget — common decency goes a long way.

Don’t Forget to Have a Meal

Admittedly, the quality of airline food is often questionable. So Jeff Heste maintains that you should not miss out on an opportunity to eat. He believes that a lot of travelers decide to have a bite of Cheetos and do not indulge in a full-course meal. Of course, you should not stuff yourself but just remind yourself to eat before the flight.


In case a flight attendant asks you whether you would like to give up your seat or switch with another person, you should not refuse. According to Mark Ortiz, you can receive a considerable reward for your goodwill gesture. For instance, you might get cash compensation. You can even ask airlines whether they provide any flight vouchers. If they do, they might decide to offer you one. The trick is always to ask.

Use “Cheat Sheets”

We see the appeal of electronic tickets, but they do have one flaw. In other words, your smartphone can run out of battery which, in turn, will leave you without the most crucial travel information. Because of this, Brad Daniel always brings a “cheat sheet” that has his itinerary on it. He makes sure to print the departure time, flight number, and terminal. Daniel states that the cheat sheet is extremely useful. You can even include your hotel and car rental on it.

What’s more, it goes without saying that all of these veteran travelers learned these tips and tricks the hard way. They used to make mistakes in the past. For example, some of them would book a completely wrong ticket class, or they did not appreciate the flight crew enough. If you follow these pieces of advice, you will not repeat their mistakes.

Three Basic Things You Should Know

  1. Be familiar with the code. These road warriors know that certain airports have a three-letter code. So, when they prepare to check their luggage, they double-check whether it includes the correct airport code.
  2. How to differentiate between a direct and nonstop flight? The former means that you will travel from location A to location B and have some stops along the way. But you will not be able to leave the aircraft. As for the latter, it does not include any stops. This is helpful for those who would like to decide which one suits them better.
  3. You can find a travel agent. They can help you locate the best deals and take care of the things you are not familiar with.

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