New Abortion Law Drives 3 Production Companies Out of Georgia

Following the enactment of the Georgia abortion law, Hollywood stars have been more than vocal about their opposition of it. Their objection has prompted three production companies to decide that they will not be filming in this state anymore.

The three people who have made their decision public are Christine Vachon of Killer Films, Mark Duplass of Duplass Brothers Productions, and David Simon of Blown Deadline Productions. In other words, all of them are completely against this signed bill. To be specific, it will impose a ban on abortions in Georgia provided that doctors discover a fetal heartbeat.

What’s more, Governor Brian Kemp signed this controversial bill last Tuesday. Following his approval, the American Civil Liberties Union has issued a statement. They proclaim that they will challenge it in the court of law. The new bill will go into effect on 1st January.

Georgia — A Favorite Choice of Production Companies

This Southern state has always been appealing to Hollywood. This is quite obvious as many TV shows and blockbuster movies have made a home out of it. For instance, the critically acclaimed “Black Panther” was shot there.

Furthermore, the production of some extremely popular TV shows, such as “Stranger Things” and “The Walking Dead”, have provided around $2.7 billion in revenue for this state. Some of those who will continue filming in Georgia, like Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams, said that they would do their best to support the women. Namely, their show “Lovecraft Country” is set to film here. And they pledged to donate all the revenue to the Fair Fight Georgia and ACLU.

Celebrities Against This Bill

Both of these directors said that this bill is unconstitutional. It aims to restrict women to reach their own private medical decisions. They stated that this is an attack against women and called on everybody who can to donate to these two organizations. And Vachon even voiced her opinion on Twitter. She wrote that Georgia will not be a viable option for Killer Films. If the state annuls this law, then the production company will consider it again as one of its locations.

As for David Simon, he said that he does not feel comfortable enough to ask the female members to marginalize themselves or choose between their work and their own bodies. His company will only film in those locations which do not go against people’s rights. Simon believes that other filmmakers will follow in his footsteps as well.

Moreover, Duplass has signed a contract with Netflix to produce a dramedy “Paddleton” in which he will star alongside Ray Romano. He is adamant that no one should conduct their business in Georgia and asks others to join him in his fight until the government overturns the legislation. Yet, not everyone is quick to react.

The Stance of the Motion Picture Association of America

The Motion Picture Association of America issued a statement saying that they will be monitoring all the legal efforts people take to reverse this law. According to them, their five production companies provide about 92,000 jobs and give various economic benefits to families in Georgia. They reminded everyone that similar legislation had been passed in other states as well. However, the courts decided to reject them. They will monitor the development and wait for the ultimate decision of the state.

Additionally, the state has always tried to attract Hollywood due to the income they receive from it. They even passed a 30% tax credit for production companies back in 2008. However, not even this can silence some actors. For instance, Alyssa Milano wrote to David Ralston, a Georgia House Speaker, and Kemp and highlighted her opinion against the abortion law. Other A-listers supported her and signed the letter. Among them are Alec Baldwin, Patton Oswalt, Amy Schumer, Mia Farrow, and Sean Penn.

The Open Letter

In the letter, she said that this bill resembles those which have been regarded as unconstitutional. She reminded everyone that the government should not make a decision for women and influence what is happening in the doctor’s office.

This was when the Writers Guild of America warned that this legislation might repel production companies from filming in Georgia. To illustrate, Milano is currently shooting another season of “Insatiable” here. She is adamant that she will not return for another season if filming continues there. At the moment, she is contractually obligated to remain on the set, but she will move mountains to convince companies to move out of Georgia.

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