Bray-on-Thames: YTL Hotels Announces Monkey Island Estate Opening

Monkey Island, located in the middle of the Thames, has an 800-year-long history. For centuries, it represented a haven for monks, aristocracy, monarchy, and artists. Today, YTL Hotels runs an estate on it, for Londoners and other tourists to have a city break.

YTL Hotels is a Malaysia-based hotel group which has properties throughout the world. Alongside the United Kingdom, they operate in several countries around the globe, including France, Australia, Japan, and China. This is not their first venture in the UK market. Monkey Island Estate is another entry to their portfolio, which already boasts The Glasshouse, Threadneedles, The Academy, and The Gainsborough Bath Spa.

Covering seven acres of surface, Monkey Island now has a 41-bedroom-and-suite estate. On the island, you’ll come across a white-bricked Pavillion and the Temple building, which has been designed by New York-based Champalimaud Design. You’ll be able to enjoy English country gardens and breathtaking views on the river Thames. Bedrooms possess laidback luxury which allows you to take in both the glamor of a private island, as well as the relaxed feeling of countryside.

Besides, the nearby village Bray-on-Thames is an additional advantage to visiting this estate. The place is renowned for its culinary brilliance, and you’ll be able to taste some traditional British dishes with a modern twist. Bray is the only village in the world with three Michelin-starred restaurants (a famous guidebook which awards up to three stars for excellence).

Finally, one of the highlights of the island estate is the floating spa. Namely, YTL Hotels employed wellness experts at the Spa Village to develop special treatment regimens. Each treatment starts off with trying out an elixir — they’ll provide you with one of the tonics, the recipes of which the monks came up with centuries ago. YTL Hotels markets the Monkey Island Estate as a perfect spot for city breaks, romantic vacations, and weddings.

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